Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brad Praisley!

I can't believe that I have never seen Brad Paisley in concert until now! I have always loved him but things always kept happening to make me never able to see him. :( I was not going to miss him this year no matter what.

The concert was at Usana and so we had to go down early to get in line so that we would get a good spot on the grass. Steph took the day off so that she could come down with me and Hollie and BreAnn. We left way later than we had planned so I was pretty stressed.

This is what we saw when we got to Usana. What the? Usually when we go to wait in line for Kenny there are at least 100 people at around 12:30ish. We didn't even get there until 2:30 and there were only 2 girls there. At least we were first in line! I could not even believe that no one was there.

We still had fun waiting for the gate to open! We played some skipbo and just hung out for a few hours until the mad dash of running to the grass began!

After we got our seats we had another hour of waiting to do.

Hollie, BreAnn, and I had to buy our shirts with hot Brad Paisley on it.

Then the concert finally started! It started with Jimmy Wayne but I didn't get any good pictures of him. Then It was Dierks! I love him! I forget how much I love him! This was my second time to see him and he doesn't disappoint. He has so many good songs! Then the moment I've been waiting for... Mr. Brad Paisley!!!

Brad had so many guitars that he used. They were super sweet. I couldn't ever get a very good picture of it though.

Oh my gosh! He is so handsome!

For his song Celebrity he had it set up like guitar hero! It was so cute! I loved it! There was even a surprise guest to play guitar hero...

Taylor Swift! Wahoo! She was only on the screen but it was still pretty exciting!

During the middle of the concert it started to pour and there was tons of lightning. I was kind of scared that we were going to get struck! But I thought the rain actually made it really fun! Steph and I loved it!

Jenilyn doesn't look like she is too happy about the rain! Ha ha.

Alcohol is the song that Brad ended with and it was a pretty cool stage set up. I was sad that it had ended.

This is the whole crew! I am so grateful for all of my concert buddies! We always have so much fun at the concerts! Thanks for always coming with me guys! I hope we keep doing this forever. Thanks for the fun times!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Labor Day!

I love that Labor Day is a week after school starts! I definitely need a break by then. I usually don't ever do anything fun but this year I went camping at Crystal Hot Springs. It was so much fun and very interesting!

We were pretty nervous that we wouldn't be able to set up the tent all by ourselves so Alyssa told Clark to be ready just in case we needed his help. But when we got up there... BreAnn and Hollie had it all done for us! We could not have been any happier! As the weekend went on we just got more and more adventurous and outdooorsy.
For example... the snake.

First it started off by Lynsie desperately wanting to catch this snake that she saw. She was too scared to ever grab it so we had some fellow campers that caught it for her. The boy had on a real life Davie Crockett hat and the mom, low pig tails. They were pretty much "mountain people" and Lynsie told them that. They didn't even take it as an insult at all. They let us get some pictures with it and then were going to take it home to add to their collection of other reptiles that they have as pets. These were the first of many interesting people that we met this weekend.

I was a little concerned that we would freeze to death because I didn't really know how to start a fire. Lynsie and Hollie figured it right out.

After they got the fire all the way going they decided to do some sort of fire dance in celebration.
On Sunday BreAnn had to wake up early and go home for church. The rest of us had a pretty lazy and random day.

We just sat and read our books or relaxed for as long as Lynsie would allow us.

When Lynsie could handle no more book time, we played a 2 hour game of ipod idol. I am pretty sure that all of our neighbors were really confused and probably wanted us to leave. People would just walk past us and stare. It was so funny!

Then Lynsie and Hollie needed to burn off some energy I guess and made up this game of turning in circles with their heads on wooden dowels and then try to make it down the mountain. It looked pretty interesting but I never joined in that game. I don't remember why. Probably because I thought it looked childish.

I guess that we were so over worked from our rough day that we needed to take a break for a snack. They were so delicious though! We just wrapped roll dough around a wooden dowel and made sure it was all sealed up and then cooked it. When it was done we poured honey butter into it. Oh my gosh... I'm getting hungry just remembering them!

Here is an up close picture of my perfectly cooked delicasy! Mmmm!

Alyssa really wanted to eat a flaming marshmallow! Ouch!

This was our last night camping and so we decided to burn stacks of wood and stay up all night and have a relaxing fire. Well we did for a while until... Lynsie and Lyss started doing this sort of samoan type chant. It was probably about 1 in the morning and the whole campground has been asleep for about 2 hours. And this chant required some yelling. All the sudden this couple came over and started talking to us and wanted us to do the chant for them. So of course we happily did. Then they tell us that we should come meet their friends. This is where we meet some more crazies.
These friends of theirs were pretty much hippies. They were all dancing and singing and so happy. But there were only a couple of them that liked us. They were so weird but a perfect way to end our camping trip.

Meet Embry. From Twilight. We are 99.9% sure that it is him. We went so far as to ask him to howl at the moon. He wouldn't.

This is Pete. He made up a song about us. They became our best friends and hung out with us at the pool the next day. The more I meet new people the more I realize that I am in a very small minority of normal people. Ha.

Some of the funnest times of the camping trip were at bed time. Telling scary stories. Ha ha. Hearing complaining about having to sleep on the end. And just bonding. This was such a fun camping trip! I love all you girls! It definitely needs to be a yearly tradition.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My New Favorite Place

I love food. Pretty much anything. But I really love dessert. For the last little while I have been noticing the sign Farr's Fresh on a building in Clinton. But it was just under construction. I didn't really know what it would be. Well, I tried it and I probably shouldn't have. I loved it! It is so cute and so good! You build your own ice cream and they have every topping that anyone could ever want! It's kinda pricey buy totally worth it!

We were trying to show how cute the store is but didn't dare ask a worker for help because they were pretty much closed and probably hated us for being in there taking pictures.

Here are the final products. I was in a not so super mood that night but all of this chocolate/sugar/calories totally made me forget all about that and I couldn't have been happier! I will definitely be back! I better purchase a treadmill! Thanks for coming with me to try it Key!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's The Dust and the Mud...

I love Rodeos. I especially love rodeos when I know one of the cowboys in the rodeo! That makes it even more fun! And Jake didn't disappoint. But let me start at the beginning because the night was quite an adventure... Last week I went to the Tremonton rodeo with Haylee, Mekell, and Wendy to watch Jake steer wrestle. When we got in the car Haylee mentioned that she needed to get gas. Her gas light had come on the night before and so we needed to fill up before heading out to Tremonton, aka clear freakin out there. So we got in the car, headed to Layton to grab something, and got on the freeway without getting gas because we kept forgetting. We decided it wasn't a big deal and we could just pull off of an exit somewhere and fill up eventually. I told Hays that I could make it to work and back twice with my gas light on so we should be fine. We didn't think it was a big deal that the vehicle was telling us 0 miles until empty. Well we got pretty far but all the sudden we ran out of gas! What the...? We were shocked! We tried to coast off of the exit but it didn't really work so Haylee and I left Mekell and Wendy in the car and walked to the gas station. It was amazing how many people stopped to offer their help! Literally at least 15 people stopped. We told them all that it would be fine but thanks. We figured all we would have to do would be buy a gas can, put some gas in the Tahoe, drive it to the gas station and be on our way.. Not exactly.

The gas we bought wasn't enough.

More people offered their help but we are tough so Haylee, Mekell, and I got out and pushed until we could get the Tahoe going enough for it to start. So finally after I was a sweaty mess we got back on the freeway and headed out to the rodeo.

Jake took second place in the steer wrestling so he was way too fast for me to get a good picture.

Cowboys are always so cute from behind so I had to post this picture of Jake! Hope Haylee doesn't mind! Ha ha.

Here we are loving the rodeo!

Jake makes a pretty cute cowboy! I think he should maybe dress like this all the time. It was way fun going to the rodeo. Thanks for doing so good and making it so fun Jake. It wouldn't have been near as fun if you sucked at it. I'm glad that we went! We don't do near as much fun things together as we should! I can't wait for the next rodeo!