Monday, June 29, 2009

I Guess I Love Kelly

So this is kind of old but I couldn't just not post about it... I feel like I should be Kelly Clarkson's biggest fan! I have been to see her so many times! It's kind of funny to me that I have been to see her as much as I have. Here is a look back at all of my Kelly memories...

The first time that I went to see her was when I was a senior in high school. As I am sure that a lot of you know.. Alyssa is a HUGE Clay Aiken fan. She got tickets to go to the joint concert of Clay and Kelly for her birthday and asked me to go with her. Then someone else gave her two more tickets for her birthday so she invited Steph and Sarah to come along as well. I had no idea that it would be as much fun as it was! I loved it! They didn't have too many of their own songs out at this point so they sang a lot of fun popular songs. It was great!

We decided that Sarah and Alyssa were the biggest fans out of the 4 of us so they took the closer seats. So Steph and I sat together. It is funny to see how much we've changed. I kind of want my long hair back!

The next time that I went to Kelly was when she came with Reba back in November I think. I had always wanted to go to Reba because she is the Queen of country and one of my personal favorites. For some reason I just didn't get around to buying tickets. But thank goodness I have a super lucky concert buddy! Bailley put her name in the drawing at Gandolfo's to try and win tickets and she did! She won two tickets and asked me to go with her! I was so excited! And then when the day came Alyssa and my mom couldn't handle not being included. So they bought tickets and came with us. It was so fun!

We had to do the usual decorate the car before the concert. We obviously think that Reba is Fancy!

We went to Red Robin before the concert. Yum! One of our favorites!

We snuck over to where my mom and Lyss were sitting and hoped that no one would come for the seats. But... they did. We were there long enough to be able to get a picture though! By the way... we do not know those random cowboy people behind us.

Here are the two performing together! They did so great!

Here are Bailley and I at the concert! I loved finally being able to see Reba live! It was great! And it was also of course great to see Kelly again! I was so glad that Bailley asked me to go with her!

Now finally the most recent concert!

Kayla, Kristen, Me, Alyssa

This was the first time I was going to the concert just to see Kelly! Krissy asked Lyss and I to buy tickets with her. And since neither of us can turn down a concert... we obviously went! And it was really fun. We got there like 45 minutes late and were really worried that we had missed some of the concert. Boy were we wrong! There was some stupid UVU idol contest thing that was so gay. They said that the concert started at 6:30 but Kelly didn't even go on until after 8:00. And it was the only time that it wasn't raining! While we waited we spent a combined total of $21 on one order of Nachos and two Dippin' Dots. That was probably their plan. Boo. But I do love Dippin' Dots so it was ok!

We did get to see this way sweet rainbow though! And I learned something. I always thought it was so cool when I could see two rainbows. Well Alyssa informed me that there are always two rainbows! Who knew?

Here we are trying to keep the rain off of us. I bought some really cute ponchos but I left them in the trunk. Oops! Good thing that we all had on jackets with hoods!

I have had so much fun at all of the Kelly concerts. It is fun to look back at all of the pictures and remember all of the fun that we had. Thanks everyone for all of the fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

Last weekend Alyssa, Kiele, and I went on a road trip to Vegas! It was so great! We left on Thursday night and stayed in St. George. We had planned on leaving at 8:30 and somehow we didn't get on the road until 10! But we were so excited to get on the road that it didn't even matter!
Here we are looking oh so beautiful Friday morning while we are eating breakfast at the world famous, or maybe just Utah famous, Bear Paw Cafe in St. George. Then Vegas here we come!

We went to eat at the Grand Luxe restaurant at the Palazzo Hotel on Friday night. I didn't love my food but I just made Alyssa share hers with me. Everything else was so yummy! Thanks Jenn for the suggestion!

We went to Phantom on Friday night. While it wasn't nearly as entertaining as Wicked, it was still really great! The Phantom's voice was absolutely amazing!

Kiele was really feeling Phantom-ish after the show and kept hiding behind things making us take pictures. This was one of the better pictures.

After Phantom it was off to see the lights of Vegas, the water show at the Bellagio, and Captain Jack Sparrow!

Saturday we woke up really early, around noon, and spent the day at the pool. It got me so excited for summer!

Before we left Steph told me she read about a restaurant called Serendipity that looked really cute and was famous for their frozen hot chocolate. So we decided to try it. It was THEE cutest place I had ever seen! Everything was pink and orange and it had like an old fashioned soda bar inside. It was so fun. And so delicious. I got this Asian Chicken Salad and it was probably the best salad I have ever eaten. Everything else looked really good too but this was the best.

Here are Lyss and I with the giant frozen hot chocolate!

After dinner we went to Mystere and I am pretty sure this was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! They are so strong it is unbelievable. I could have watched for hours. Now I want to go back and see every single show that Cirque du Soleil puts on. I couldn't have loved it anymore! Ha ha.

We decided that we wanted to watch the pirate show at Treasure Island. We all remembered it being pretty cool when we were little so we thought we'd stop and watch it. We waited 40 minutes for the next show to start and it was so lame! It was pretty much sluts on parade. We watched for about 3 minutes and decided not to waste anymore of our time. But we did take some pretty great pictures of ourselves while we were waiting. This is just one of the many!

After watching the really great Treasure Island show we went back to Serendipity to try their dessert! It was a little embarrassing when the hostess recognized us. Oh well. On the menu there was a sundae that cost $1,000. We were debating on getting a couple of those but ended up choosing something else.

Just posting this picture makes me want to go back for more of their dessert! We got a deep fried oreo sundae, the frozen hot chocolate, and a strawberry cheesecake sundae. I could not have loved them anymore! They were without a doubt the best dessert I have ever had!

Kiele and I were obviously very excited about our deep fried oreos.

And this is us after we have eaten all that we possibly could of the dessert. We did pretty good. We were so so full though. Miserably full in fact.

Sadly all good things come to an end. Vegas was great! We really need to go again soon! Thanks girls for the fun trip!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last week was my dad's 46th birthday! Oh my gosh he is an old man! Only 4 more years until he is 50. Then he will really be old.

Here he is with his birthday cake. Fruit pizza! Mmmm!

I am very grateful for him and all that he does for me. I couldn't ask for a better dad. Thanks for everything Dad! I love you and Happy Birthday!