Monday, May 17, 2010

And That's What You Missed on Glee!

So I discovered a life changing television show a few months ago thanks to my dear friend Holly. She kept telling me to watch it and that it had the best songs, blah blah blah. I thought it was some dumb church choir group or something like that. Then one day I gave in and watched it. I will never be the same. I am totally a GlEeK!

When the new season was coming out we decided that we had to do something for the premiere. We decided on a Glee themed party. We all contributed something. I supplied dinner, Alyssa had her boss make us our adorable Glee shirts, and someone else brought our grape slushies.

We got the best surprise ever when we opened the door for our friends! Artie made a guest appearance! It was so so great to have him at our party!

Here we are giving Artie aka Hollie a classic slushie facial! Close your eyes girl!

We were kind of on a high after Glee was over and Hollie started doing some random poses. This is the only one that I'll post and she just might kill me for it but I couldn't not post it.

After Hollie was done doing whatever she was doing we all tried to pose as the characters on Glee. I am pretty sure we did amazing but I can't remember who any of us were.

My favorite things about Glee...
Fin! I love, love, love him! He is absolutely adorable and has the best voice. He is sweet and a little dorky but totally cool at the same time. I'm a little bit in love with him.

Will Shuester. Aka Mr. Schue. Best teacher ever. I would totally have been in Glee and had a huge crush on him if he would've been a teacher at my school.

Rachel. Honestly one of the best characters in a series ever. I love her personality. And she has the best voice ever. On Oprah they said that she could be the next Barbara Streisand or the next Celine. I totally agree. And I'm pretty sure that I sound a lot like her.

Kurt. He totally adds to the show. It would not be the same without him. He has a very distinctive voice and is very flamboyant.

Noah. Need I say more? He is so dang hot. He doesn't sing too many solos but when he does I literally fall head over heels for him. He's rebellious and a jerk but I think that he is sweet at the same time. I do not know who I love more. Fin or Puck. It really is a dilemma.

But I think that my favorite person in the show is Sue. She is hilarious. She says things that shock me about every 10 minutes. She is so mean! I honestly don't know how she gets away with the things that she says. Things such as calling the Cheerios, "Sloppy freak show babies!" and saying to Will as he walks up, "I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves that live in your hair." Those are just a couple of my favorites.

We seriously love Glee! It is the best show ever! One show and I was hooked! I am forever and will always be a Gleek!