Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only 365 days to go...

I would dare say that the Weber State fireworks are my favorite day of the whole summer. I have went every summer since I was born I think. My dad used to go put out blankets the night before and then we would skip church, get KFC, and go spend the entire day at Weber State. I have tried doing that since but I just can't. I guess I am not as hard core as my parents used to be because it is way too hot to sit there all day. But I still go put out blankets early and then we go later in the evening.

This year Alyssa made dinner for us before we left. She made delicious chicken enchiladas! Mmm! She was quite the homemaker this night. Then it was off to the fireworks!

We took games to play while waiting for the fireworks to start but I didn't even last one round. The fireworks are literally the best people watching event ever! And the reason that they are so good is because there are so many people that I know that walk by. I always put our blankets right in the middle of the grassy area so that we can see as many people as possible. People watching is one of my favorite things to do. Annie, Braden, and I were pretty good at it.

Kiele and Cameron ended up finding us right before the fireworks started! Cam was so into the fireworks that he couldn't even look away to take a picture.

The day turned out to be just as good as I was hoping and I can't even wait for them again next year! Only 365 days to go...

It's Where Fun Is!

Raging Waters! I don't really know what I was expecting but I was not expecting to have as much fun as I did! We decided to go on the 5th since everyone had the day off. It was kinda pricy but oh so worth it.

We started off with breakfast supplied by Lynsie and her "dumpster diving" skills. She literally goes to Krispy Kreme and Hostess stores and goes through their dumpsters at the the end of the night. She brings home boxes of stuff. They are all still sealed and everything. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

BreAnn and I showed up in the same swimsuit! It was definitely a picture perfect opportunity.

Here are Steph and I with our "Brown Protection." It is a miracle tanning cream that Steph found and let me know about. It is pretty amazing and it made it even more amazing that the only place we could buy it was from the ABC store in Vegas. That somehow made it seem more legit. (Come to find out you can buy it lots of places but it still is amazing.) We used it periodically during the day and it literally protected us from getting burned and turned our skin to a beautiful brown color. Alyssa is convinced that it is cancer cream but we just turned darker brown after a day in the sun and Lyss turned lobster red from using supposed SPF 50 lotion every 5 seconds so I am even more convinced about our Brown Protection.

Here we all are after our fun day in the sun! We love Raging Waters!

We had to end the night with a treat so we stopped at our favorite place, Sub Zero. It was so delicious. If you've never been then you should go! They freeze the ice cream right in front of you! The day was so fun and I can't even wait to get a season pass next year! Thanks guys!

4th of July!

I love, love, love the 4th of July! It really is one of my favorite holidays! I think it is one of my favorite holidays because there are always fun things to do but the day never seems rushed or stressful like other holidays do. And this year wasn't an exception. We obviously celebrated the 4th on the 3rd this year but that was just fine with me! It just made the weekend last longer!

The day started off super early for Alyssa and Hollie. They really are crazy fools that decided it is fun or something to run marathons.

This is them after they got done running. They actually look happy. I don't get it. But I am really impressed with them and their dedication to get in shape and ready to run them. They really are so amazing! Good job guys! They also decided to go to the parade after. Apparently that was fun too. I wouldn't know because after going to many parades in my lifetime I have officially decided that they are not worth waking up for. They are lame. My children will not know what parades are. They will still have a great time on the 4th meeting all of their cousins and friends later in the afternoon for the festivities. So someday when I have children please do not ever use the word "parade" in front of them. Thanks.

After they were done parading and running we all met up at the RAC a.k.a. the Roy Aquatic Center.

Apparently the spot we picked wasn't good enough so here we are dragging our chairs over to Alyssa and Hollie. But we sure do look really happy about it.

Steph and I are trying to get a tan here and I am sure that Lyss and Hol are applying more sunscreen.

Steph, Lyns, and I just hanging out.

After the RAC we decided to have a BBQ. We all contributed something and it was so yummy!

My dad cooked our turkey steaks for us. Thanks Dad! This is another picture for their 50th Anniversary video!

Then we went to the fireworks at the West Point park and they were pretty great. We even got dropped off and picked up by my parents. It felt like we were 14 again. It was so so nice! We then came back and had brownies and ice cream for dessert! So it was a really good 4th of July and I loved every second of it! Thanks everyone that played with me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cake Decorating 101

The idea came to me one day to start learning some homemaking skills. Then right after that my cousin Annie asked me if I wanted to take a cake decorating class with her. I figured it was meant to be and said heck yes! I was a bit concerned because I had never baked a cake before. But it turned out ok and I only had a few minor mishaps and only wanted to throw my cake in the garbage a measly 4 out of the 5 times that I baked it. I just get stressed out about it being perfect. Here is the progress...

The first week we learned some frosting skills on these cupcakes.

This was the cake that I was the best at! Probably because it was the easiest. Ha. But that's ok. I still love my little turle cake. "I like tuddles."

This cake really had me frustrated. But that's ok. I think I will just be buying my children's Barbie cakes instead of making them. Ha.

I still get amazed when I look at these pictures. I can't believe I really made that cake! Ha. Funny story behind this one... When I was frosting this cake at home with just the yellow frosting, I was getting very frustrated because it wasn't going smooth like I wanted it to. Lynsie, aka Miss encourager, said it's ok Brit, not everyone can be as good as Annie. It made me so mad at the time but now I think it's funny.

Here are all of us cake decorators with our teacher Beth. She is so so so amazing at decorating cakes! She makes it look so easy and it really truly isn't. I am not going to say that I hope I get as good as her because that will literally never happen. But at least now thanks to her and her skills, I will be able to make my children's future birthday cakes. The class definitely made me feel way more comfortable about baking in general and I am so grateful that I have learned this skill! Thanks Beth and all of my fellow cake mates! It was really fun!