Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Love Mr. Chesney!

I don't think it is a secret that I love concerts and I love Kenny Chesney.

This year was no exception. As I get older though, I seem to be losing my normal concert buddies. I have never been to Kenny without Steph and she couldn't come this year. I was almost in tears as I was leaving for the concert. I didn't want to go without her. I have started recruiting new concert friends but it is still a little sad. Anyway... we left early in the afternoon as usual. It was Whitney, Lynsie, and I. We had to get there early to save seats.

While we were waiting we saw some really classy people. Concerts are the best people watching places ever. These people waiting were prime examples of white trash country.

Covered in tattoos, no shirt, cowboy boots, and camo shorts. They were putting on a dance show for everyone.

Here they were grilling burgers. They offered them to everyone. So sweet.
Of course we had to get a picture with our new friend. He was at least respectful and asked if we wanted him to get the beer out of the picture. Ha.

It was the weirdest weather while we were waiting. It went from bloody hot to a complete downpour. It really sucked.

Everyone had to just huddle under their blankets. So much for getting ready!

I wish that this picture was real. I love him.

We Love Kenny!

Jordan and Crew came and kept us company. Jordan gets actual seats so he doesn't even need to come early but he still does. He is so great to walk all of our stuff back to our car for us and play games with us while we wait. So sweet. Ty got there with his date too.

Here we are in our new Kenny shirts just waiting for the concert to begin!

Then look who showed up! I was so happy! She couldn't handle not being at the concert either! She bought a ticket last minute and rode down with her sister-in-law. Yay! I didn't have to do to a Kenny concert without her! I think I may have shed a tear.

Here are all of us. We're pretty cool.

First up... Mr. Billy Currington!

I really love him and his curly hair. He was a good one to open.

Here are all the girls getting stoked for Kenny!

Steph and I

And finally, the man of the hour, Kenny Chesney!

Oh I love him so much!

And he is literally the best that I have ever seen at signing autographs after he is done singing. He's adorable. He really appreciates his fans. Especially me.

One thing that I can always count on at a concert is fighting. I wasn't disappointed this time. I love watching people get into fights. I especially love it when the cops are called over. This one was actually pretty entertaining. I was kind of worried that I would get in trouble for taking pictures but no one said anything.

The cops look so annoyed. I would be too. I loved it though.

So I realize that it takes a few hours to get out of the parking lot but seriously? Do you need to pee right in front of the thousands of people that are driving by? I guess that if I was a man I would maybe feel differently but I don't think so.

Kenny will always be my favorite concert. I love him so much and all of the memories that I have made while at his concert. See you next year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite Holiday... I think

I LOVE the 4th of July. I am pretty sure that it is my favorite holiday ever. I love fireworks, I love concerts, I love being outside, and I love doing fun things with my family! All of those things equal the 4th of July. I have also loved that the 4th has been on or near the weekend the past couple of years so that there are extra days to celebrate.

Here are us girls on the way to Provo for the Stadium of Fire! Lynsie decided to ditch us and go to Vegas.

We stopped for lunch at my favorite restaurant ever basically. Smash Burger. Way better than In-n-Out. It is delicious. I wish that I could eat there everyday.

On the way to Provo we had to stop at Cabelas. I wasn't too happy about it. I even tried to get into all of the things that it has to offer and I was still bored within about 2 minutes. I hate that place. Here are Morgan and my dad at the shooting gallery. Pretty cute.

We are finally to the concert! Yay! I don't think that it is a secret that I LOVE concerts. I spend way too much money on them but I seriously can't help it. Brad Paisley puts on a very fun concert. He definitely didn't disappoint. I loved it!

I always feel so patriotic during the Stadium of Fire. I can't help but tear up every time that the flag is flown in and the jets fly over! It really is magical. Also before the Stadium of Fire starts they say a prayer. It is at BYU after all. I know that not everyone there is LDS but everyone is respectful during the prayer and it is very magical to watch however many thousand people take their hats off, bow their heads, and be silent during the prayer. I know I'm a dork.

David Archuleta was the opening performance. He really is so adorable and entertaining. It was so cute too because he performed at the Stadium of Fire when he was little and so they started out showing the recording of him as a little boy and morphed it into him singing in real life. I loved it!

My boyfriend Jimmer gave us a little hello message because he couldn't be there. I loved that so so much.

Here we all are enjoying the concert! We love the USA!

I basically loved this performance so much because I LOVE country music! I loved this song and how he paid tribute to the country singers. So cute. I am pretty sure that I was crying.

Mmmmm! I love this man so much. I get lost in his big brown eyes every time that I watch him sing. His songs are adorable. His voice is beautiful. He is perfect. I think that he may be the best performer that I have seen at Stadium of Fire.

People that can't take pictures piss me off. I guess that I should be grateful to strangers that take pictures for me but I just wish that they would center them. It's really annoying.

So one of the reasons that this was the best Stadium of Fire to date is because of the AWESOME dance party that was outside of the stadium after the fireworks were over. We met up with our friends that were also there and basically rocked the dance floor. We were all sweaty and disgusting but had a blast!

Tyler was the designated purse holder during the dance. It was pretty great so that we didn't have to worry about them.

Morgan and I in the truck waiting in traffic. Stadium of Fire is over but we are still in our after concert high. I love this picture FYI.

Here we are at the West Point fireworks. I am so sad that the 4th of July is over. I love it so much! I had a GREAT weekend. I loved every second of it. We went to the RAC during the day on the 4th again this year. Basically all of the pictures were disgusting so I opted not to post any. I am also sad that the 4th is over because the summer flies by after the holiday. I don't want it to end.