Monday, December 27, 2010

It's the Greatest Time of Year!

Christmas! I love Christmas and everything that comes with it! I love getting new pajamas, seeing family, opening presents, and just relaxing. I didn't take too many pictures unfortunately.

Shadie with the stocking filled with such fun things that Santa brought her. She loved it all!

Mylie with her stocking. She wanted to get down to eat her yummy treats! She loved them too!

Morgie with our massive pile of presents.

Lynie with the presents.


Me with the presents.

The puppies LOVE the candy canes that they always get in their stockings. It is a tradition that Santa always follows through with!

Mom getting all emotional about her new band that my dad got her for Christmas. It is really beautiful. Cute Dad!

My dad probably getting all emotional about his new gun that he put on hold for himself at Cal-Ranch. I don't get the obsession with guns. Isn't one gun the same as the next?

Our dressed up family at Grandpa and Grandma Smith's house on Christmas. Lynsie said that she just wanted to be able to relax on Christmas.

The whole family on Christmas. Todd is really good at setting the timer on his camera.
Merry Christmas everyone! Ours was really great!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jaron is Home!

These 2 years went by sooo fast! I seriously can't even believe how fast they went by. It seems like he just barely left. We all went to the airport to welcome him home!

Here is Colton waiting patiently and excitedly to see his favorite brother.

All of the girls waiting for J!

Colton and I getting so excited!

Here is the whole group with our Welcome Home posters. Mine says, "My iPod and I have missed you!" I thought that it was pretty clever.

Here he is! The person that we've all been waiting for!

First time that Jaron and Mary see each other. It was so cute!

The best brothers finally see each other! They were so happy! Colton sure loves him!

All of the cousins back together! Its been 3 years since Ty and Jaron have seen each other.

The family back together again.

Jaron and the Parentals.

The best part about airports are the automatic walkways. Imagine my disappointment when it was broken. I really think that Weber State should invest in these all over campus.

Jaron lost a lot of weight while on the mish. This picture shows it perfectly! So jealous!

Welcome home J! So glad that you are home and that we are Glee buddies now!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mrs. Sant

This is a little bit old but I just realized that I never posted it. Kiele got married! Kiele and Cameron got married in Jamaica! The pictures that I have seen are beautiful I wish that I could have gone.

The bride and groom at the alter.

When they came home they had a reception at Kiele sister Ashlie's house. It was so cute and fun. She wanted to serve cupcakes as the refreshments. So we spent Friday night decorating them.

We went through so much frosting!

Kati, me, Jules, and Key just finishing up. Jules and I were finished decorating and ready to just eat the frosting.

The cupcakes all turned out adorable! We made so many though. If I remember right we filled 10 boxes with about 70 cupcakes in them each and we only used 3 boxes. Ha. We all ended up supplying our work with plenty of cupcakes.

Tyler and I at the reception.

Jules and I hanging out.

Morgan and I after her and my parents went through the line.

The happy couple sharing their first dance at the reception. I love Kiele and Cameron and I'm so happy that they are married! It was such a fun reception!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Jazz Town!

I love Jazz games and go whenever I can! We were quite a bit late to the game. Tyler was pretty stressed out about it but come on we had to eat! He probably wished that it could have been just the boys so that they would have been on time. I thought that it was just fine. They were down by like 19 when we got there I think and then they ended up coming back and winning. I actually had a date to this game though! It was fun.

My handsome date Cody and I. We were even cute and matching.

Tyler and his date Jana.

Ty and Jana.

This might not be the most compassionate thing ever but this pretty big lady blacked out on like the second from the top row. The paramedics had to come up and carry her down. It was crazy. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. This will probably happen to me one day because I was rude and took a picture but I just had to.

I wish that someone would have warned me about the midget "Bear Cub" Jazz Bear. That is all that I will say about it.

This next section of pictures is going to be labeled "the many emotions that Tyler goes through during a 2 minute time period at a Jazz game"

I love this picture because Jana is wondering who she is really on a date with.

Of course we had to go and get a picture on the floor.

I love waiting for the players after the game. I was super sad to not be able to see Korver at the game. It basically broke my heart. But... the good news is that I have a new crush. Gordon Hayward! So adorable!


I am a huge Jazz fan when I go to games! I love being at the Delta Center and can't wait to go to the next game! Thanks for being my date Cody.