Thursday, March 26, 2009


There were so many things going through my mind when I got the news that Jordan had died. But now that the funeral and everything is over and we are supposed to get back to "normal" life without him, I can't help but think of all of the things that I am going to miss about Jord.
- I am going to miss the game nights with Jordan and the Whitesides. I don't think that I ever went over there without playing some sort of game. Five Crowns, Mow, Apples to Apples, and many more.

- I am going to miss the random texts that I would get from Jordan. Picures, clips of his guitar skills, family guy videos, pictures of his Rock Band score, videos of him twirling Molly around, and other odd things. And they usually always came after 2 in the morning. I'm pretty sure that I told him that the 3 in the morning texts had to stop cause they'd always wake me up. Now I'd give anything to get a random text at 3 in the morning from Jordan.

- I will miss the phone calls that always started the same way, "Brit! What the fetch? Where have you been?" Even if I had just talked to him the day before. And whenever Jordan would call I could talk about anything and he would at least pretend like he was interested.
- I will miss the hearing: "What the fetch?" No one can say it quite like Jordan.
- I will miss having Jordan ask me a billion times if I am going up to Swiss Days even though I have told him a billion times that I am not.
- I will miss how Jordan always forgot that I hate the game Halo and how he would continually invite me over and try to teach me how to not get my guy turned upside down in the corner of the screen.
- I will miss how Jordan always talked about how much he loved Hobbitville.
- I will miss Jordan laughing with me at Lynsie's version of what high school is like.

- I will miss, even though it drove me crazy, how he would smell my hair.
- I will miss Jordan sending me pictures of a very pregnant Jill and having him tell me how excited he was to be an uncle. - I will miss hearing Jordan tell me stories about putting the vaseline all over his body and walking out to show Chris and her company that she had over. He would tell me random, weird, off the wall stories of things that he had done when he was little and then he would always be so shocked that I didn't have any stories to tell him about things that I had done like that.
- I will miss how even if I had been onery all day long, if I went over to the Whiteside's house I would forget all about it because Jordan would make me laugh and his good moods were always infectious.
-I will miss Jordan.

Jordan was always such a good friend to me. I loved how random that he was and how he could make anything fun. I am so grateful to know that I will see him again. When I return to Heaven he will definitely be one of the first people that I find. I know that he will be standing there with his arm stretched out saying, "Brit! What the fetch? Where have you been?" I know that he is very busy teaching and helping all of the spanish people that he loved so much.

Jordan I love you and I miss you so much already! I can't wait until we will see each other again!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top 13!

I have never been a fan of American Idol.... until now! I love it so much! It has totally consumed my Tuesday nights and thank goodness for DVR so I can watch it on Wednesdays! I picked some favorites during the auditions and most of them are still on thanks to the wild card night! Yay!

These two have been my favorites since their auditions! I am so glad they were picked as wild cards!

The rest of these I have come to love these last few weeks! I can't even decide who I want to win!

And while this may sound heartless to some people, I hate Scott! aka: "The blind one." I am really hoping that America will come to their senses and get him off asap! He would be much more of an inspiration to me if I never had to hear/see him sing again.

That being said, I can't wait for Tuesday night!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Fazookie!

One night when Dave, Steph, Alyssa, Lynsie, and I went out for dinner, Steph decided to introduce us to this dessert that her and Dave had told me about. It is called a Fazookie. I was excited because I love dessert, but figured that it couldn't be any better than other desserts that I had tried. Boy was I wrong! It was almost life changing it is so delicious. Well since its in Bountiful at the Firehouse Pizza, we hadn't been back since that night almost 2 months ago. When Alyssa and I bought our Rascal Flatts tickets we both knew instantly that we would be eating at the Firehouse on the way to the concert. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be as good as I remember, but it didn't disappoint! It is a little bit of heaven in every bite. I decided that this dessert is so delicious that it deserved its own post. So here are some pictures of it but try to refrain from licking the computer screen.

Here is a picture of it before we have touched it. One half is chocolate chunk and the other side is the heath kind. Mmm!

Our waitress probably thought that we were a little bit crazy that we wanted out picture taken with our fazookie.

Unfortunatlely all good things have to come to an end. But we will be back soon! Thanks Steph for introducing us to this life changing dessert!

Bob That Head!

That's right, another concert! Alyssa and I went and "bobbed our heads" at the Rascal Flatt's concert last Thursday. It was way fun! The first time that I went to Rascal Flatts I thought that their concert was lame. But I gave them another chance and they totally redeemed themselves! It was a blast. Jessica Simpson was another story though. She totally lip synced! She messed up in the middle and stopped singing but her voice kept on a going. She just laughed and said she does that everytime. It sounds like the Simpson Sisters have something in common. But I can't help but love her.

Here are Lyss and I waiting to bob our heads to Rascal Flatts.

The a little bit crazy, but oh so beautiful, lip syncing Jessica Simpson. I couldn't get a very good picture of her for some reason.

The floor was set up so that their stage went all around the whole floor! They were right in front of us at some parts! Who knew you could get this great of seats when you wait until they go on discount a week before the concert?

Thanks for a really fun night Lyss! I'm real glad that you are one of my consistent concert buddies!