Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year!

I love Christmas Break and New Years means that it is almost over. I hate that feeling. Especially since when my break is over that means that it is time to do my student teaching! Ahhh! But I still love New Years and the tradition that my Grandpa and Grandma Smith have kept going for many years. The long awaited Shrimp Fry! Mmm! I know that a lot of work goes into preparing for this meal but I am so glad that they do it!

These pictures are from last year but they show what my grandparents do for a LONG time on New Years so that there is enough shrimp, carrots, onions, and everything fried that we can think of. My favoite things to eat are the shrimp, sweet and sour and rice, and the onion rings.
After we have eaten all of the food that we can handle then we play games. Jaron always brings his Wii or Playstation so that that we can dance and karaoke.

Just Dance! Apparently we all have the same dance skills in the Smith Family and they are not the greatest. Our singing skills are much better...

And we look good while we sing! We are a talented bunch! Of course Steph and I are just a little bit better than everyone else but that's ok. Everyone can't be the best.

Kate is so dang cute. And this little bench brings back so many memories. I loved sitting on this bench when I was little. Every little kid loves it. I will be buying my parents one when they have their first grandchild.

Grandpa and I with clams. Not my favorite. I love seafood and have liked lots of things that I thought looked and would be disgusting but oysters are not one of them. I can eat them but I would never eat them for a meal.

Lynsie was a little more dramatic than anyone else. Shocking. Ha.
Everything besides the clams were delicious and it was so much fun! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for putting in all the time and money to make it such a fun day for everyone!