Friday, August 20, 2010

Vegas Baby!

When Lyns graduated we decided to go on our own Senior Trip. We wanted somewhere cheap, close, but so so so fun. What place meets all of those requirements? Vegas! I love Vegas. It is so great! I love everything about it. I love the people. It is the best place to people watch. I wish I could just get a camp chair and sit out on the strip and watch people walk by. I love the food. I love the shows. I love literally everything.

Lynie was really tired on the way to Vegas apparently.

Once we got there we didn't waste anytime hitting the strip...

In front of New York New York.

In front of some weird statue thing.

This was my favorite restaurant ever! It was this delicious mexican restaurant in Planet Hollywood. Mmmm!

Of course Vegas wouldn't be Vegas without something naughty. This huge statue was right next to the yummy mexican restaurant. We definitely had to get pictures with it.

Lyn and I in front of some cool flowers.

Kiele, me, Jules, and Lyns in front of the flowers.

This is our favorite way to take pictures. It looks so cool.

Now at our favorite place in Las Vegas... SeReNdIpItY 3.

We really wanted to get a picture with the tree shaped like a sundae. We had multiple people try to take the picture and none of the stupid people could get the sundae in the picture for some reason. I think they were all retarded or something. This is the best they got.

Here we are waiting for a table. This was the second time we tried to go to the restaurant. The first time we waited for a table for a half an hour before someone had the courtesy of telling us they were closed. If the food wasn't so good then we would not have went back. The service is absolutely horrible. But the food is soooo worth it!

Deep-fried oreos! Need I say more? Serendipity is the best place ever. If you've never been there I definitely suggest trying it. And not only is the food the best... It is probably the cutest restaurant ever too. All pink and orange. Adorable.

These are our "WE LOVE VEGAS!!!'' poses and expressions. We went to Cirque Du Soleil's Ka this night and I am sad to say that it was lame, lame, lame. Mystere is totally where its at. We were pretty disappointed. Especially Julie and Lyns because we had built it up so much for them. Ha. Oops. I really do love Vegas so much and am so glad that it is within driving distance for us. I am ready for another trip there I think. I love that we literally slept til noon, layed out in the pool for a good 5-6 hours and then when it wasn't quite as unbareably hot at night, hit the strip and ate. My kind of vacation! Thanks girls for making it so much fun and thanks Lyns for letting us tag along on your senior trip.