Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Zoo!

I really wanted to go to the zoo but I feel that it is one of those places that you look like a creeper if you are childless. So I planned a trip with my friend Mandi. It was so fun with her and her kids! I really do love the zoo but I think that it needs to get some more animals! It didn't have a lion, any bears, penguins, or zebras. Those are some pretty main animals to be missing. I am still kind of bitter about it.

Cute little Titus waiting to go into the zoo!

We all had to take our turns at the famous Lion water fountain!

Titus loved the monkeys! He would just stare at them like he is here.

People thought we were a family. Ha ha. I guess we'd be the two moms?

They have added quite a few things since I was a kid. I don't remember this elephant that you can sit on. Titus hated it.

I think that elephants are my favorite. I have loved them ever since I read the book Water for Elephants. So for about 2 months now. They are so cute! The baby in the back was adorable!

I don't exactly know why there were dinosaur statues all over the park. It was pretty funny though because the little kids had never been to the zoo before and they thought that this was how the whole thing was going to be. Ha ha.

We loved the giraffes!

Titus loved me!

I'm the size of an adult male gorilla. Yay.

Cute little family!

Titus would hold up his shirt and show the monkeys his belly. So adorable and funny!

So this was the cutest thing ever. Alex went and sat right in front of the window to watch the monkey play and all the sudden it walked right up to her and sat down. She was all alone at first. It was so cute!

On the way out we had to stop and play on the playground of course! The zoo made for a long but fun day. I can't wait until one day when I hopefully have my own kids to take! Until then I will just keep forcing others to bring their kids places and let me tag along!