Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lyns!

Earlier this week was Lynsie's birthday. She is 17! Holy crap! She is getting so old! The fam went to dinner on her birthday but I wasn't able to. I was so sad. To make up for not being able to go to dinner with my family I decided to plan a night when we could go with her friends.

Here we are at the Mandarin! Lynsie's favorite restaurant. It was so yummy!

Here is Lyns on her actual birthday... I am so grateful to have her as my sister. Even though sometimes we drive each other crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love her and we have gotten a lot closer as she has gotten older. I am so glad that we are good enough friends that she would want me to go to dinner with them and hang out together. Thanks for all of the good times Lynie! I love you!

Britney Spears

When I heard that Britney was coming in concert I was planning on buying tickets until I looked at her ticket prices. Normally I wouldn't really care but there are so many concerts that I want to go to that are coming up that I decided to be smart about it and resist. But as it got closer to the concert I got more and more sad. I would hear her song on the radio and start to cry a little bit. I have loved Britney Spears since the days of Oops I Did It Again. I have always felt so bad for her and have been rooting for her to get back on her feet. But anyways, the day before the concert Haylee called and asked if I wanted to buy last minute tickets with them. Again I was tempted but decided that I wouldn't buy one. But then to my luck, sorry Kallee, Kallee got sick and called and asked if I wanted my ticket. At first I felt bad but then I just decided I might as well enjoy it! I still feel really bad that Kallee couldn't use it but I am so glad I got to go! It was amazing!

Here are Haylee and I getting ready to leave. Gentry's boyfriend bought the tickets as a surprise so Gentry had no idea that we were going! We had to cover our shirts til we told her.

Haylee was brilliant and bought us these sweet ponchos that we could wear on our mile long trek to the Delta Center. Our hair still got a little wet but thank goodness we had them or we would have been soaked!

Here we are waiting for the Pussy Cat Dolls to come out!

Ahh! Here are the Pussy Cat Dolls! We had general admission tickets for the floor and so we were so close! These girls all dressed a little bit scandalous but they were still so cute! They put on a really good show. I can't decide but I think that I liked them better than Britney! They were really fun.

Britney's concert was themed to a circus so they had a mini circus with real life, creepy as ever Carnies. There were a few really cool things that they did though.

Britney changed her clothes for almost every song. These are just a few of my favorites and least scandalous ones. Britney's looks have fluctauted a bit but she looked so dang good at the concert! Britney brought out quite the crowd. At a couple of times during the concert I was scared for my life but it was still really fun! We were really exhausted by the time that it was over though. Haylee and I were so tired that we even sat on the floor of the Delta center while we waited for Gentry to find some stuff that she wanted to buy!

The concert was so fun! Thanks for the invite girls and thanks Kal for the ticket! I am pretty sure that I loved it enough for both of us!

Single's Ward Not So Bad...

So usually I am really against single's wards but not this week! Alyssa called me and told me that West Point's single's ward had free Jazz tickets and there was an extra one if I wanted to go. How great is that? I love the Jazz! The tickets were one row from the top but that's ok, its just fun to be there and have an opportunity to wear one of my jerseys!

Thanks for the fun night guys!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was a definite hit at our house. The Easter Bunny knew exactly what to get us!

Here we all are anxiously awaiting to see what is in our baskets...

I think maybe the Easter Bunny should have put some new socks in Lynsie's basket.

Morgan went through her basket first and she took out the normal stuff that we get every year, an outfit, candy, a rolled up piece of paper with a Taylor Swift pin hooked to it... Wait! Thats not normal... What could this be?

Morgan said, "If this is a Taylor Swift ticket I am going to cry!" And then the tears started pouring. She cried for probably a good 5 minutes. She is so cute. And for anyone who doesn't know, Taylor Swift tickets went on sale last week and they sold out in 15 seconds! Much to our disappointment we weren't able to get them. But the Easter Bunny came through! I think this is one of the reasons that emotions ran so high. Well, and that we love Taylor!

Here we all are really excited about our tickets. Lynsie and I didn't show quite the emotion as Morg but we are still super excited!

We found out that Bailley got a ticket in her easter basket as well. Yay! And while I was going through my basket I found another ticket for Steph! The Easter Bunny is great! Taylor Swift here we come!