Friday, October 15, 2010

Jason Derulo!

It was definitely time for another concert! For some reason it felt like it took forever for this concert to come! I discovered Jason Derulo last year and when he appeared on American Idol as a guest performer I fell in love with him even more! I'm sure everyone can see why! Yummy!

I really do love him.

We of course had to decorate Tessa. This is the first time that Tessa has ever been decorated for a concert and it was pretty fun. We also made t-shirts. They turned out really cute!

We love Jason Derulo!

We are loving our shirts!

Our shirts close up! Cute!

We are finally on our way! Yay!

After stand-still traffic and being a half hour late we finally are here and ready to see Jason!

We are bored Jason! Please hurry!

So Jason asked for a volunteer to come up on stage with him so that he could sing it to her. OMG! So jealous! He literally sang right to her and it was sooo sexy! I would've done anything to have been that girl. She handled it really well though. I don't think I could have contained myself like she did.

Sitting there just singing to the audience. Love him!

Then he said that he needed to turn up the heat and sing a sexy song....

This is what we got! Mmmmmm! I could have listened to and watched him for hours!

After the concert we sat and waited outside in hopes that Jason came out and we could see him. This crazy guy was a drummer and he loved everyone that was there. He was going crazy and running through the crowd. Jason never came out but it was still pretty entertaining though!

We didn't just get the entertainment while we waited... Keeley caught these cool Skullcandy earphones from B.O.B.! She was totally stoked about it. It was a great end to the night! I loved the concert and love these girls! I do not have tickets to any concerts coming up and am pretty sure that I need to change that. And soon. I love concerts!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Bleed Blue!

My family has been BYU fans for as long as I can remember. My uncle Todd has had season tickets for I think he said 27 or 28 years so everyone else just kind of followed suit. We have all been able to go to some games over the years. I haven't really known how I felt about it. Games are pretty boring but I haven't been for a long time. Well Todd called and said that he had 3 extra tickets and I happened to have the night off so after debating about it for a while, Lyns, Alyssa, and I decided to take the tickets. I was the only one that had to debate about going or not. Lynsie and Alyssa were in from the first second.

Lyns and I sitting in the bleachers. The seats are awesome. They are underneath this sign thing so that they are protected when it rains or snows and it keeps the sun off of them too. The only problem is that they are on the very top row. I am a little out of shape and that trek up those stairs is pretty much horrible. When I carried Kate up I was literally seeing stars by the time I got up there. Sad I know. And one thing that Lyss and I couldn't figure out though was the cheer that they do when they yell: "First Down!" or something like that. We always kept doing it at the wrong time. I didn't ever get it.

This adorable little girl Kate is the funniest little girl ever. She was getting restless so I took her down with us to get a snowie and to take a break from the bleachers. I had bought a water and she had just gotten done taking a huge drink from the water bottle like she was dying of thirst and then all the sudden just closed her eyes. We looked at each other and were all, "did she seriously just fall asleep?" And she wasn't smiling or anything. It was hilarious. She did it for at least a full minute. We finally got the camera out and then she started smiling slyly and opened her eyes. The little stink. It was adorable. Then she knew that we thought it was funny and kept doing it.

The girls in our cool BYU attire. Notice how cute Kate looks. She had on a cute little jean skirt and blue ribbons in her pigtails. So sweet.

The cousins! We are a BYU family! But Colton is definitely the biggest Cougar fan of us all!

The Cougars themselves at halftime. Rise and shout!

Best BYU cousins ever!

I took this picture of Colton and Lynsie. Colty is so lucky because he has the best seats ever! Right above the field. I could actually pay attention to the game when I was down there with him.

After the game we went to the Olive Garden. So good and so fun!

I just had to post this picture of Kate after the game was over. It makes me laugh so hard. This is how I kind of felt too. And she is super adorable still even with her hair pulled out and a messy face! The game was super fun but a little long. I was happy that Kate was there to keep me entertained. I am so glad that we were able to go! And I am happy to say that even though the game was a little long I am definitely a BYU fan! I bleed blue! It was so fun and thanks so much for the tickets Mary and Todd! We'll take extra tickets off your hands anytime!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm a Gleek!

It's true! I love it so so much! I have been looking forward to this since the finale of last season! It seriously makes me so happy! I'm lame I know but that's ok.

Doesn't this picture make you want to watch it? It makes me want to watch it.

We had another season premiere party. We are cool. We know. Nothing can top our party last year since Artie showed up but this year was still pretty great.

Of course Morgie and I had to wear our Glee shirts to school that day. So many people were jealous.

I changed into my matching Glee shirt for the party though. I had to match everyone! And of course Mylie and Shadie had to get into the action!

Here we are eating our dessert... Pazookies! Mmm! Thanks Mom!

Hollie made these adorable cupcakes! I loved them so so much and loved that she printed off all of their pictures! Definitely completed the party!

We are Gleeks!

Abby isn't a Glee fan. I feel bad for her. I really do.

Justin and I. He is one of Tyler's friends and he loves Glee. That makes me love him!

I am so glad that my friends and family are Gleeks. It is so fun to always watch it! I am so happy it is back on.

Tim McGraw!

This is old but that's ok. I'm trying to get caught up! I went to another concert! Yay! I went to see this slightly handsome guy...

Mmmmm! Nothing more needs to be said.

It was at Usana so we got grass seats and had to go down early to save our place in line.

Here are Jamie and I waiting in line! So hot but still always so fun.

Yay! Everyone finally got there! Mardie, Jamie, Kristen, Me, and Ashton.

I love Lady Antebellum!

Jamie and I

Ashton and I
We love Concerts!

Love this man!


I love concerts and can't wait for the next one that's coming up in a week!