Monday, December 7, 2009

Joe Nichols in Wendover Here We Come!

My great friend Krissy had tickets to Joe Nichols in wendover and asked me to go. I was excited for the concert because I kind of like concerts a little bit but I wasn't all that excited for the actual Wendover part because I'm not too big of a fan of gambling... Or so I thought.

We got a later start than we were planning on and I got us a litttle bit lost on the freeway so we got there just in time to make it to our seats. I have never been all that attracted to Mr. Nichols but seeing him perform made him so much hotter to me.

Just look at him singing on stage. Mmmm!

Here we are just loving the concert!

So after the concert we decided to go and try our hand at gambling. I was mostly just doing it to humor Kristen because I hate playing the machines. Well after I watched her play for a minute we decided to go learn how to play at the tables. Oh boy. We first learned how to play Rouelette. I was doing so good! I had doubled my money! But then I got cocky and lost it. So then we went and played Black Jack. Same thing happened at the Black Jack Table. Ha. So I guess I do like gambling now. The tables are way funner than the machines. I think I'll still stick to going down there about once a year though! One thing I did learn, all you have to do is put like a dollar into a machine and sit and use it slowly and they'll bring you as many fun drinks as you want! Cheapest daquiri ever! The man looked a little confused when we said non-alcoholic. I take it they don't sell too many non-alcoholic drinks in Wendover.

But... even more fun than my new found love of playing the tables... our huge jacuzzi that was in our hotel room! It was so so great! After we came back to the room we just hung out in the tub for like 4 hours! I could use a tub this size in my home someday. Thanks for inviting me Krissy! It was so fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Love Jacob!

I just feel that I need to clarify one little point. I have loved Jacob Black since I first started reading Twilight. Long before they ever thought of making a movie. I am not one of the shallow bandwagon Jacob lovers that suddenly love him now that he is so much hotter than Edward. Ok enough said.

I am totally Team Jacob and so New Moon was my favorite book in the whole Twilight series. Jake is such a great friend to Bella while Edward is gone and I loved reading about it. Many people that I have talked to said that New Moon was boring to them, but I loved it and couldn't wait to see it on the big screen. And it definitely didn't disappoint!

We bought our tickets a couple of months ago for the midnight premeire. We were going to the double feature. Twilight was played at 9:00 and New Moon at midnight. Well we wanted to make sure that we got good seats so my mom and I went and got in line at 12:30. There were already people in front of us that were going to need a total of 50 seats so it was a good thing that we got there so early. We just brought our books and treats and made friends with the other people in line with us. The time pretty much flew by!

Ty isn't into Twilight but he came to visit us and keep us company for a while. He thought we were a little bit crazy.

Letia and Morgan got there to keep us company once they were off of school and work. Yay!

These are all of the people behind us... Guess they should have gotten there earlier!

We had to have our New Moon shirts of course... And I bet you can't tell which team I am on...

Or Morgan...

But we decided that we can still be friends.

Once they finally let us into get our seats we were a little bored and trying to entertain ourselves. This is what we came up.

This is my best friend that I made while waiting in line all day. She is a fellow Jacob lover and so obviously we hit it off immediately. She sat right behind us. For about the whole first half of New Moon she would kick my chair or make some sort of noise whenever Jake would come on the screen. I loved her!

Apparently Lynsie got a little sleepy while waiting for the movie to start. Not exactly sure what Morg is doing. But Mom and Letia are wide awake and waiting for the movie!

Morgan looks a lot more happy in this one.

And here we are after being at the theater for about 14 hours. We look a little tired but not too bad. New Moon was amazing! I had a blast and am very grateful for best friends, sisters, and a mom that will do these fun and crazy things with me! I don't know what I would do without them. And I am so excited for June 30th so that we can do it all again for Eclipse!