Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Jazz Town!

I love Jazz games and go whenever I can! We were quite a bit late to the game. Tyler was pretty stressed out about it but come on we had to eat! He probably wished that it could have been just the boys so that they would have been on time. I thought that it was just fine. They were down by like 19 when we got there I think and then they ended up coming back and winning. I actually had a date to this game though! It was fun.

My handsome date Cody and I. We were even cute and matching.

Tyler and his date Jana.

Ty and Jana.

This might not be the most compassionate thing ever but this pretty big lady blacked out on like the second from the top row. The paramedics had to come up and carry her down. It was crazy. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. This will probably happen to me one day because I was rude and took a picture but I just had to.

I wish that someone would have warned me about the midget "Bear Cub" Jazz Bear. That is all that I will say about it.

This next section of pictures is going to be labeled "the many emotions that Tyler goes through during a 2 minute time period at a Jazz game"

I love this picture because Jana is wondering who she is really on a date with.

Of course we had to go and get a picture on the floor.

I love waiting for the players after the game. I was super sad to not be able to see Korver at the game. It basically broke my heart. But... the good news is that I have a new crush. Gordon Hayward! So adorable!


I am a huge Jazz fan when I go to games! I love being at the Delta Center and can't wait to go to the next game! Thanks for being my date Cody.