Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Game Night!

For as long as I can remember, Christmas break has been all about playing with your new games and toys, staying up all night playing, sleeping all day, and hanging out with our family. This has changed a bit since we are now grown up, have jobs, and my cousins have gotten married, but I try to still hang onto the fun we have always had!

We started the night off with our own snuggie advertisement. For the record I hate snuggies but the commercial shooting was pretty fun. Lets see everything that you can do in a snuggie...

You can snuggle so much better in a snuggie since you have arm holes.

You can pose really great in front of fireplaces because you have access to your hands.

You can play the guitar.

You can do some sort of weird thing with your hands up in the air.

You can read a book together.

I guess the commercial looked way too fun. Alyssa, Steph, and I had to get in on the action.

Mary made us her famous carmel popcorn for our game night and we could eat it so much easier because we could have our hands out.

We did get around to playing games eventually.

These pictures were taken at 2 in the morning so don't judge too harshly. Ha.

I loved our game nights and am glad we still love to play! Dave and Ty were also at the game night but they chose to play the playstation instead of games with us. I'm glad they had each other to keep themselves entertained. I think they tried to ignore us and pretend that we weren't there but we made that pretty hard to do! It was so fun and I'm so grateful for everyone in these pictures! I love you guys so much and can't wait for our next game night!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Christmas this year was fun because it is the first one with Tyler home! Yay! It was so much better with the whole family together rather than being split up on two different continents. We did the normal stuff. Went to Grandpa Swayngim's on Christmas Eve, well I didn't because I had to work. Lame. But my family did. Then Christmas morning we woke up and went straight to my Grandma Moyes and Dean's house for breakfast and presents. I love the traditional breakfast at my Grandma's house. It is always the best way to start off Christmas day! I got some kid's chapter books for my future classroom. My grandma said she felt weird giving me Junie B. Jones books but I loved them! Then we went to my Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house for more presents!

They definitely spoil us! This is a picture of a portion of the presents they would be giving out this year. They gave all of the grandkids a down comforter for our beds. Shadie, Mylie, and I love our comforter so so much! I don't know how we ever slept before we got it! After the Smith house then it was time to drive home and see what Santa brought us! I love that we wait until the end of the day to open our presents! This was Tyler's first year of doing it this way and he said that he hated it... until we were driving home at 7:00 and still had all of our opening to do! Yay!

Shadie and Mylie get to open their stockings first so that they will have a treat to keep them occupied while we open our gifts. Santa always spoils them too!
Here are some random pictures of us opening presents...

Morgan with her guitar that she has wanted forever! She even shed a few tears when she realized that she got one!

Lynsie with her new dreadful snuggie that she had to put on the second that she opened it. And with her season 6 of One Tree Hill. Yay!

Ty with his new Jazz jersey.

Morgan with her new iTouch. She is on it all the time.

Me with my new Lucy Barbie. By the way this is my favorite episode.

Mom opening something. I don't exactly know what.

Dad with his favorite book by his favorite person in the whole world.

Lyns with her new laptop. Ty got one too but for some reason I can't find the picture.
We got a ton of other fun stuff too and we love it all! We are so blessed with everything that we have. When I think about how little other people get and have it makes me feel so grateful that we have what we do. It is very easy to take it for granted. I loved Christmas and I love my family! Only 365 days to go!

Festival of Trees

I have always wanted to go down to the Festival of Trees but just never would go. Well I heard that there was a tree decorated in an I Love Lucy theme and so I knew that I HAD to go see it! I recruited my mom and Letia to go down there with me one day. Wow there were a ton of trees! I got a little overwhelmed. We skipped a few hundred rows and still ended up seeing about a billion. Some were really lame and some were really cool.

We each took a picture with our favorite tree.

My mom with her favorite. I wouldn't be surprised if we got another set of decorations next year and our tree looks just like this.

Letia's favorite tree. I just realized that she actually matches the tree. Maybe that is why she picked this one...?

And a big surprise... My personal favorite! I was really worried after seeing some of the other lame trees that the person that decorated this tree wouldn't do a very good job but they completely surpassed my expectations! I loved it more than I could even say! It was absolutely darling! So colorful and cute! I wish so bad that I could have bought it. But even if I could have afforded the thousands of dollars that it cost, it was already bought. And the thing that made it even cuter was that it was made in honor of a little girl named Lucy that is suffering from cancer or something. I can't remember exactly what it was that she had. I loved it!

Here are some more pictures of it so that you can really appreciate it.

I made us all get a picture in front of my Lucy tree. It was the whole reason that we came down after all. I loved looking at all of the trees and getting ideas for cute trees in the future. And I love the reason behind the Festival of Trees. On a sign I read it said that eventually we will all know someone who needs to be treated at Primary Children's. It is so true and I will definitely be back there next year to support it and look at all of the cute trees! Thanks mom and Letia for coming with me!