Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cabo Wabo!

Have I ever said that I love to travel? Well I do. It is my number one favorite thing to do. It is going to be quite a while til my next vacation because of lack of funds but this was a great one to end on! My friends at work asked me to go to Cabo with them a couple of months ago and at first I said no. But then things changed and I thought, why not? Who knows how long I will be able to just up and go to Mexico when someone asks me too? My friend Whitny had a timeshare in Cabo so it was just the price of the plane ticket and food and spending money. I still ended up spending more money than I wanted to but I guess that it could have been worse. Ha.

We had to be to the airport by 7 a.m.! Way too early for me but I guess that if I have to get up that early, Cabo is a pretty good reason...

On the way to the airport! Yay! Apparently it was too early for Molly to take pictures.

Waiting to be able to board our plane...

Whit fell asleep...

Still too early for Molly to take a picture.

We made it! Yay!
As soon as we got to our resort we had to get in the pool. It was soo hot! Carissa and I sitting at the cool little bar hut in the pool!

This was our backyard. We were sitting on our chairs by the pool when we took this picture. Beautiful! I want to be back!

This was our swimming pool! So great!

I hate sand. It gets everywhere and is impossible to get out of your swimsuit and other annoying areas. So this was one of the only times I was on the beach. I opted to stay by the pool. But it was fun for a minute. Crazy Molly.

We went down to the city the next day after we slept for a good 12-13 hours.. These lizards are what I got handed the second that we stepped out of our cab. The other girls we too big of wusses to hold them but I thought they were pretty cute. Until the guy put the little one on my head. I didn't like it so much after that.

While we were eating lunch there was this mariachi band that was serenading us. It felt very culturish.

I took this picture because I thought that it was pretty funny. Notice the No Smoking sign above this guy's head. Also notice what the guy has in his mouth. Very Mexico.

One of my favorite parts of Mexico were the funny taxi drivers and boat drivers. This guy came up with Carissa's nickname... Terrible Teresa! (In a spanish accent of course)

This is one of 5,000 pictures that we have of the pelicans. At first it was amazing to see them so we all took a picture or two. But then it got old. Not to Carissa. She took a picture of everyone that she saw.

We were getting prepped to go parasailling! AHHHHH! This picture sums up perfectly how nervous I was.

Ha ha ha. So funny story about this picture. I asked the boat driver if he was going to drag them in the water and he said, "Only if they tell me to beforehand." I was disappointed because I wanted them to go in. Then he asked if I wanted to and I said I wasn't so sure about that. Then he asked if I thought they wanted to go in and I said heck yeah! So they had no idea they were going in and were panicking! Ha ha. It's still pretty funny to me.

They made it and said that it was awesome!

I guess that I can do this.

I was literally crapping my pants at this point. I was screaming my head off. I was so scared.

This is really me. And it was boring. It was cool for a minute then got kind of boring. I am glad that I did it but I doubt that I would ever pay to do it again.

I paid for telling the guy to dip their feet in the water. He literally drug me for a couple minutes. But it was really the funnest part.

It was really hard to walk in flippers so Carissa just got carried.

Yay! Getting ready to go snorkeling! We look so good!

We loved the Glass Bottom Boat tour around Lover's Beach. Until our driver told us that this is where he saw a tiburone while scuba diving! Hello! Who tells someone that when they're about to go snorkeling there! For you non-spanish speakers, tiburone means shark.

We have our scuba gear on! Should I be humiliated about this picture? Probably. But I love it way too much!

Carissa and I loved the bracelets that they made that said stuff. We spent all of our souvenir money on them. This is the cute little guy that made them for us!

Lover's Beach after snorkeling! Once again we look really good. Don't be jealous.

On our way back from Lover's Beach we spotted two little fins in the water. Our driver told us they were Manta Rays and so we looked at the glass bottom to see if we could maybe see one as we went over them...

We ended up going over a whole school of Manta Rays! It was so cool! They just kept coming and coming. You can see the outline of two rays here. The pictures weren't good because it was through the glass on the bottom of our boat.

There were tons of these seals but they were always in groups. This little guy was all by himself taking a nap. I thought he was adorable. Those crabs crawling all over him and the rock are not so adorable. Sick.

More Pool Time!
We all read books while we were there. It was so great to read and lay by the pool and have nothing to do!

I was told I have sausage toes. Whatever.

I literally don't know. Molly looks semi evil though.

Carissa getting her SPF 100 on.

These adorable things would walk along the beach every single night. It was so cool. The brown ones are all on leads but the white pony was always by himself and always a bit behind. We didn't know if he was wild or not but I loved seeing them every night.

One thing that I loved and hated was our bed. Molly, Whit, and I slept on this king size cement slab. It affected Molly the most, or she was probably just the most dramatic about it. But at the same time it was one of my favorite times. Molly and I watched the notebook a couple of times on her iPod. She fell asleep and I of course watched the whole thing and bawled my eyes out. We made Whitny watch shows she hated like Girls Next Door and the Kardashians. They tried to kill me multiple times and we would laugh until we all cried and I wheezed. Some of my favorite memories of the trip.

On our last night we decided to have a french braiding lesson. Carly taught Carissa and I and then we practiced on her hair.

It looked really good.

Getting ready to leave our resort. So sad but so time to be home.

Literally one of my favorite parts of the trip were the taxi rides. I loved talking to the taxi drivers and always sat up front so that I could talk to them. I practiced my spanish skills and learned new words and phrases. Some phrases weren't so appropriate. Ha. Most of the drivers would have me translate when one of the other girls tried talking to them. I became very fluent. Too bad it was $70 round trip to go anywhere. I would have taken taxi rides a lot more if it would have been cheaper.

The girls in the back.

Molly and I waiting for our plane. We were pretty bored.

This was literally the best Dr. Pepper ever! They didn't have Dr. Pepper in Cabo and I was dying. All the sudden I saw a can and I had to have it. I only hesitated for one second when they told me it cost $3.50. I NEEDED it. I think the cost made it taste even better!

We had all been without our phones for WAY too long! The guy over the loud speaker kept yelling at everyone to not use their phone yet but what did he expect? We finally had service!

A rare moment that I was actually playing on the beach.

I love pictures of feet in the sand.

Cabo was so pretty! And... I guess so were we. Especially Whit in this picture!

Some things I never want to forget about the trip:
- Carissa suckling the bug.
- Getting sick in the middle of our first night and wanting to come home. I got made fun of for being so dramatic in the morning but they didn't feel how sick I was. I just wanted my mom.
- Josh. The gay guy that became our best friend on the Sunset Cruise.
- Sitting on our tiny back porch for hours at night. It was so squishy but the perfect temperature and the perfect thing to do.
- Carly was sad that the TV in the living room didn't work. Carissa was happy because she didn't want to watch TV while on vacation. At the end of the trip we found out that Carissa had really just unplugged it.
- When the Mexican Army was lined up with machine guns down the highway and stopped every vehicle to just look in. I was so glad that we hadn't rented a vehicle at this point.
- Sitting up front with the taxi drivers.
- The man that was sobbing and saying he didn't have any money to feed his family. It was heart breaking.
- All of the children selling stupid little toys. They don't have real childhoods. It was so sad.
- Our $1 hat that Molly is probably still crying over.
- The adorable little lizard that was on our porch with us.
- How I'm pretty sure we got ripped off everywhere that we went because the exchange rate was always different.
- Getting separated in the city and being scared crapless that Molly and Whitny had become victims of the a sex ring like on Taken.
- Carly getting charged $50 for phone connections for calling her boyfriend.

As I am doing this post it makes me so sad that this trip has come and gone. I loved this vacation so so so much! I needed it and it was good to relax and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do for a whole week right before lame school started again. I don't think that I have ever been on a vacation where every second we weren't busy busy getting everything done and seeing everything. We did all of our activities the first part of the vacation and literally slept til noon and went out to the pool til the sun went down for the rest of the week. It was the best. I could live like that forever. There was honestly nothing to worry about there. The trip drained my funds but I am so glad that I was able to go. I love the girls I went with and got to know them so much better! I hope that we can do another one soon!