Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Graduation could not come any faster! I am a little be exhausted. I am ready to be able to actually work again and make a little bit more money. I am hating being broke and I haven't even bought a new pair of jeans for literally almost a year. That is so not my style. I have only bought dress up school teacher clothes these last few months.

This is how I feel right now.

But good news... I graduate on April 22, 2011! That is only one month and one day away! It could literally not come any faster! I never thought that the day would come. I've been going to school for 5 and a half years but hopefully it'll be worth it soon!

Last week was my screening interviews with the districts and I think that they went really well. So hopefully I get a job!

I had to wear a suit and skirt to the interview and so this is what I came up with. (Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt and shoes Steph!) I posed with my resume before I left. Ha. I interviewed with 8 districts at the fair. Hopefully they are the first of many interviews that will get me a job!