Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I love going boating with the Smiths. I can not go nearly as often as I want. The summer always just flies by. We went the very last week of the summer. Better late than never! It was the perfect day. Get home Sunday from Bear Lake and go boating the next day, perfect summer week. I wish life could always be like that!

Steph and I on the boat. We look lovely.

Steph is basically a professional wakeboarder. We didn't get any pictures of me wakeboarding because I couldn't get up. I was very frustrated.

Wind blown hair. Too bad that my hair couldn't stay like this the whole day! Ha.

Normally I don't love tubing. It totally freaks me out. But I actually had fun this time. Also, I could actually pull myself up on the tube. Normally it takes quite a few people to help me get up on there. I was so proud of myself for getting on it alone. I still got really scared but I enjoyed it. Our faces show it all.

Colton at the beginning of our boating day. His shirt describes him perfectly. He sure is a "Chick Magnet."

Colton loved when we would drive fast on the boat. He would yell, "wahoo!" the entire time that the boat would be going. It is pretty funny to watch him. He loves it. That is why the next picture is so funny...

He fell asleep on the last ride around the bay. I don't really know how that happened because it was fast and bumpy. It was hilarious. I loved our boating adventure and can't wait to be invited again next summer!

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