Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bear Lake

At the end of August I went with Hollie's family to a cabin in Bear Lake. I loved it! I couldn't leave when the rest of them left because I had a job interview early Friday morning. My dad offered to drive me all the way up there so that I didn't have to drive alone. :) It was really sweet of him.

Here are my dad and I sitting at the gas station in Bear Lake waiting for my friends to come pick me up. This picture was the last of about 10 tries to get him to look at the camera.

When I got to the cabin I was given my perfect adorable cup that Hollie and her sisters had made for everyone to use during the weekend. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

I love shakes!

We love Le Beaus. The raspberry shakes are divine! We went there a few times during the weekend.

I always love bon fires. This one was one of the best. We played iPod idol, I had an adorable baby to hold the entire time, and a 5 year old that loved me and wanted to sit right next to me. Also, we didn't wear makeup or get ready at all the entire time. I LOVED it.

These two pictures summed up our weekend. We played in the sun all day, came home and ate dinner, then retired to our bedroom that was basically an ice cube and we had to wear sweatshirts and cuddle in bed while we all read. It was absolute perfection. I love vacations where all I have to do is play in the sun and read. That is my kind of life! I love Bear Lake and decided that someday when I am rich I will have a cabin there. I hope that I get invited next year! Thanks Marshall's for letting me come!

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