Sunday, August 7, 2011


Time for another concert! Tim McGraw! It is so hard for me to decide which concert I love the most. It is usually whatever concert that I am at right then. Because I sure love Tim McGraw!

The entire time leading up to the concert, Lynsie kept saying that she wished she could just go and watch The band Perry and Luke Bryan and then leave. She said that Tim McGraw was old news. She knows how bad that infuriates me. On the way to the concert we were listening to The Band Perry and Luke Bryan to get in the concert spirit and to learn the words. I already know every word to Tim so I didn't think it necessary to listen to him. I finally put Tim McGraw in so that Lynsie could get "familiar" with some of his songs. The very first song that played she said, "Oh my heck! I didn't know this was Time McGraw. This is my favorite song!" She preceded to know every single song that we played by Tim. While I was happy that she admitted to liking Tim, I was very frustrated that she is so stubborn that she wouldn't even listen to him until now.

Whitney and I waiting for Tim!

The band Perry was pretty much adorable and amazing. They did not disappoint.

I can't wait for Luke Bryan to come for his own concert! I love him! I really feel like he is the most entertaining singer I have ever watched. He dances the entire time that he is on the stage. I don't know how he can sing and dance like he does at the same time. He is so cute. And when he turns his hat backwards... Mmmm!

Look how adorable he is!

Justin, Chelsie, Whitney, and I

The concert up to this point was so amazing that we were so happy that we could have just went home right then and be totally happy. But then we remembered that we still had the main event! I could not have been happier.

OMG! I love this man so so much!

There are no words.

The girls.

The concert is over. We are on a concert high but also sad that it is over.
I can't even wait until next time Tim. Concerts make me broke but they bring me so much happiness. I hope that I can always go to every concert!

Lynsie, Kaylyn, and I continued the party after the concert. I was house sitting at Kiele's and they came with me. I am not going to post all of the pictures that they took. They were a little scandalous.

We love taking pictures of ourselves.

We finally ended the party at Jeremiah's the next morning. I can't wait until the next concert!

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