Sunday, February 20, 2011


WARNING: I look hideous in all pictures in this post. You've been warned.
Ok so normally I go to wholesome, predictable, country concerts. Not this time. I went to Ke$ha. Very different from the concerts that I normally go to. I love Ke$ha but I think that this was a one time experience for me. I will only go to a venue like that for her. It was quite the experience.

I went with Lynsie, Annie, Jenilyn, their sister Maryn, and their sister-in-law Kyrie. It was a blast but also more than a little frightening.

My expression shows my fear.

It was crazy! There were people crowd surfing over the top of us. Some willingly, some not willingly because they were so out of it that the crowd was getting them out of the mass of people.

Right when I was starting to fear for our lives because of the people around us... Lynsie's friend Taylor showed up to save the concert for us. He is the one in the middle. He made the concert so much more fun! He is the biggest Ke$ha fan ever and was very entertaining to watch the concert with.

I also met this crazy guy James. He is very gay but very fun. He loved me. He was very tall and kept asking if I could see. I was fine and kept trying to tell him that. Well all of the sudden he picked me up under my butt and hoisted me on his shoulder. He was dancing with me on his shoulder and jumping up and down. I had zero warning before he picked me up. I didn't have time to fix my skirt. I'm sure that every single person behind me saw my underwear. I was laughing so hard but also very humiliated.

This is also James. He felt that Ke$ha needed all of his clothing. He took off his top shirt, then his under shirt. I was worried that he would take his pants off but he didn't. He was hilarious.

Ke$ha was more than a little bit slutty but 100% awesome! I loved every second of her.

Lynsie may kill me for posting this picture of her but this is what she looked like during the concert. She got very into it and sweaty. Her hair got very curly. Ha. After the concert Jenilyn asked if something got spilled on her head. Nope. Just a hard core concert goer.

Yes I am more than a little bit humiliated by this picture. I look awful. I'm fine with it. I have accepted it. I was covered in glitter for days. I couldn't get it off. I loved it. It was definitely a different experience than I am use to. I think I may have gotten contact high from all of the drugs in the air. Ha ha. Not really but it is probably possible. I am glad that I went and had a blast but I am a definitely a country girl. I was very scared during the concert. I would go again for Ke$ha but that is probably it. Bring on George and Reba!

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